This is for my sister…

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That’s right! It’s Holiday Pie! We went on a search for this illusive pie only to find out it was out of season at the time….
I discovered a new cool blog and it’s called This Is Why You’re Fat. It has a bunch of other foods that clearly explain why you are fat :)…


We are the inovators, they are the imitators

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I love these lyrics because they are so hipster! The song they come from is actually really good. The song is called Wordless Chorus because the chorus has no words :p

I actually discovered this band from an episode of American Dad. The episode was entitledĀ  “My Morning Straitjacket”. You should watch it if you are into indie music….

I’m a Panther…Again!

•January 19, 2010 • 2 Comments

I attended Martin Luther King Jr. Middle school as a girl and guess what our mascot was! It was a black panther….that’s so ironic right! King and the Black Panthers had a totally different strategy going on there, but whoever decided that for our school must have been some weird young person who thought it would be funny…

Anyways Happy Belated birthday King!

Further anyways….I may be a panther again..

As I have been accepted to Adelphi University…their mascot is a panther…Exciting times indeed…

I was very hapy becuase iTunes finally had some good music for the free stuff of the week.

The single was July Flame by Laura Veirs

and the Music Video is Cousins by Vampire Weekend. I was very surprise and pleased to see this…


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I saw this super good movie called Evil, or Ondskan in Swedish. It is about this kid who is being bullied by the senior class of his boarding school. When I say bullied, I mean they were down- right abusive. The lead of the movie, ErikĀ  (Andreas Wilson) decides to take a stand. Here are some pictures…

Something Else That I love…

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If you didn’t know this, watch out because you are about to know…I love stop-motion animation. Some of my favorites include Wallace and Gromit and Angry Kid!

Wallace and Gromit are pretty much the cutest cartoon pair ever. Wallace is an inventor. Okay, he isn’t the perfect inventor, but that’s what makes it fun! Gromit is the dog, and he never speaks, but he is full of the wisdom that Wallace lacks. He drinks coffee!

Angry Kid is a kid who is angry. He always seems to pick the short straw! His cartoons are sort of creepy because the only part they used the claymation on is his head the rest of his body is a real guy. It’s just a weird combination…

I saw Avatar.

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Best summed up by this:

Ok so the plot was typical, but it was a really fun movie to watch.

Best people in the movie:

Sam Worthington! I didn’t know that he was Australian until after the movie and then I was like darn he did have a bit of an accent. He was way cooler as the Na’vi Jake Sully than the human one. Just saying. Also interesting tid-bit Avatar is a Hindi word that means something like a higher deity coming into the body of a lower-life form. Apparently it’s most commonly associated with Vishnu, which is the supreme god. Vishnu is pretty much thought to control everything in the universe and connect all beings. So I just thought it was interesting that they chose to call the human alien mixed breed things avatars…

Even though Giovanni Ribisi had a small part, he is still awesome…That picture is from this other movie called The Other Sister, which is a cool movie about these two mentally handicapped people falling in love. It’s cool check it out!

Welcome Home :D

•January 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

Just a random update on my froggies!