My life as I Know it….

Hello….okay I have been on here in AGES….I mean well…months at least. I still like to come back here and read my old posts though.

Anyways….about my life today. I am in MICHIGAN. Yay, another M state 🙂 It’s gorgeous here….I am on the shore of Lake Superior. There are lots of things I like about this place, while there are a lot of things I do not like. I love the nature, the weather (COLD!), and my school is a cool place. I do not like the social life around here (all everyone does is drink and hang out). I miss the city, it’s and awesome place, I miss my NMD girls 😦 I shall visit them though.

Let’s see what am I into nowadays?

As far as music, I am in love with Pogo….I must attend a Pogo “concert” (I don’t know if you’d call it that). Maybe I’d call it more like  “session”…This is my favorite Pogo song…

He does a lot of other mixes as well. He used samples from Pixar’s Up for this mix…

My favorite right now is Christian Bale…Watch The Machinist and American Psycho for me please 🙂

And Arrested Development!!! OMG I can’t get enough…

I am also obsessed with memes right now….Know Your Meme is what my Youtube is constantlyon right now….

I love memes 🙂

Ok there you have it. My latest favorites and a brief update on my life….what is to come you ask? Some photos of my life and more updates…more funny things as I think of them…and trollin’ the interwebs XD

~ by kristinalys on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “My life as I Know it….”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve linked you in my blogroll. All the best to you in Michigan…

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