You Need Me To Do Better Than You

Well nothing exciting has been happening in my life lately, so I think I’ll just do a music blog.

Oh yeah, we are having a blizzard.

That’s the view from my dorm window. It’s still snowing!

To the music!

My favorite song at the moment is Thao’s “Know Better Learn Faster”

Just a cool song about love and how you can never be wise to it. I found that song from Nylon Magazines Free iTunes sampler, which can be found here. It has 27 free songs, all of which were amazing!

The next song, is a dance song! My friend showed it to me as an experiment actually. Turns out I really like it!

That song reminded me of my love for Freezepop. I discovered them from guitar hero and now I have so much of their music. You can never have it all because they have a lot of songs plus a billion remixes to each.

This song, “Souls of Gold” by Sister Crayon is amazing. Her voice is so smooth and you just want to keep listening to it…I also found them on a free iTunes sampler. It is the latest one on the Free iTunes Facebook app. So if you have a Facebook account check it out. Note: I don’t have a Facebook account, I just use Erin’s. Thanks, Erin!

This is one of my favorite bands. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to see a Blind Pilot show and they opened for them. Local Natives, of course! This is their official music video for their song “Airplanes”. I would also like to congratulate them on getting one of their songs, “Sun Hands” for purchase on iTunes! They are making it big. The song “Sun Hands” was featured in the Nylon iTunes sampler as well. Yay!

This next song is super catchy and awesome. The music video is cool too! “You’ve Changed” by Sia She is the lead singer of Zero 7 if you were wondering.

Here is a set of Canadian twins with their single, “All  You Got”. The picture of them for this video is like hilarious.

OK these two are like Teagan and Sara. They are sisters who sing acoustic songs. This one is my favorite/only one I’ve heard. “Cardigan Weather” by Meg and Dia

Alrighty, now it’s time for a classic. Well a cover one a classic. “Old Friends” orginally by Simon and Garfunkel covered by Sara Lov

Speaking of covers of classics, here is a a Bee Gees cover done by Feist! “Inside and Out”

Ok that’s enough!


~ by kristinalys on February 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “You Need Me To Do Better Than You”

  1. GOD DAMN IT you used the screen shot ^_^

    was funny though, but i will get you again someday! BWA HA HA HAAAA

  2. Some blizzard, huh?

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