Come on up, you can sleep with my eyebrows

There was no purpose to that….

So my life at the moment is going well if you were wondering…I’m just going to my classes which just started so I’m just getting an idea of what they are all about too!

A movie I saw recently was Boy-A. It was about a guy who tries to start a new life after the 14-years of prison he was sentenced to because he murdered a little girl as a child. This movie is a thinker, most of the important parts are ambivalent so the viewer can come to his own conclusion. It was quite good and the plot was different, so I enjoyed it.

That’s a bug poster…but I like it the way it is!

Another movie I saw was A Beautiful Mind! It was really good , I thought. I don’t get how he got through college without anyone realizing that he didn’t have a roommate and he thought that he had one. I know, it’s just a movie and some things are left out or added or unexplained for theatrical purposes. Whateves, it was still good.

I have also re-newed my love for Grizzly Bear….

~ by kristinalys on January 28, 2010.

One Response to “Come on up, you can sleep with my eyebrows”

  1. First off, welcome back! nice to see you back here…

    The eyebrow and beard guy…he looks like the wolfman! bet he eats raw meat and falls off the couch while trying to lick his no no zone!

    I actually really like the poster for that Boy A film, i like how the news paper print is his hoodie and has given me some idea’s for my characters!

    Grizzly bear is a relaxing type of music, i sometimes listen to it but my main theme of music is stuff that makes me hyper or more up beat instead of calm lol.

    and lastly, man eats wife with his beard…that was brilliant!

    Keep up the good work lil lady!

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