Something Else That I love…

If you didn’t know this, watch out because you are about to know…I love stop-motion animation. Some of my favorites include Wallace and Gromit and Angry Kid!

Wallace and Gromit are pretty much the cutest cartoon pair ever. Wallace is an inventor. Okay, he isn’t the perfect inventor, but that’s what makes it fun! Gromit is the dog, and he never speaks, but he is full of the wisdom that Wallace lacks. He drinks coffee!

Angry Kid is a kid who is angry. He always seems to pick the short straw! His cartoons are sort of creepy because the only part they used the claymation on is his head the rest of his body is a real guy. It’s just a weird combination…


~ by kristinalys on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “Something Else That I love…”

  1. Stop animation is amazing, my fave has to be the nightmare before christmas followed by wallace and Gromit, i grew up watching them along with Mr J Skellington, they remind me of a time when not every film was a pile of rubbish like most of them are today, they show that real effort has been put into it and a lot of love too!

    I dunno if you know this but sadly the original voice actor for Wallace passed away not that long ago, he was a brilliant man, you can see him in a show called last of the summer wine, it’s an old show but it’s fantastic to watch with a nice cup of tea or something, specially on a sunday lol.

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