I saw Avatar.

Best summed up by this:

Ok so the plot was typical, but it was a really fun movie to watch.

Best people in the movie:

Sam Worthington! I didn’t know that he was Australian until after the movie and then I was like darn he did have a bit of an accent. He was way cooler as the Na’vi Jake Sully than the human one. Just saying. Also interesting tid-bit Avatar is a Hindi word that means something like a higher deity coming into the body of a lower-life form. Apparently it’s most commonly associated with Vishnu, which is the supreme god. Vishnu is pretty much thought to control everything in the universe and connect all beings. So I just thought it was interesting that they chose to call the human alien mixed breed things avatars…

Even though Giovanni Ribisi had a small part, he is still awesome…That picture is from this other movie called The Other Sister, which is a cool movie about these two mentally handicapped people falling in love. It’s cool check it out!

~ by kristinalys on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “I saw Avatar.”

  1. NEW BLOG! woooo!

    Yeah, Avatar is frickin amazing! seriously one of the best things i have ever seen XD

    Avatar is a cool name which means loads of stuff lol, i like it!

    The main guy is Australian but was also just a run of the mill Builder/labourer that thought he’d try out at a casting thing! lucky he did cus all the films i’ve seen him in he has been amazing!

    As for the other film you mentioned i’ve been wanting to know the name of it for ages cus i watched it and forgot it’s name, the film is really good!

    Good to see you back on the blogging scene lil lady!

    Keep em coming XD

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