A Day in the Life

I went to the art room today with Erin. I saw some stuff.

I'm cool.

Mannequins are cool.

My face is chipping off!

This is the view from the art room….what inspiration it brings…

That’s Erin doing some reproduction of Monet.

That’s some crème brulee that we made.

That’s Erin taking a bit of it…get some sleep girl!

Peace Out.

~ by kristinalys on December 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. this is such awesome blog. i am taking the time out of my busy schedule to say this. i am touched that you put my painting in your blog. well anyways just saying your an awesome blogest (dont even know if thats a word lol). well anyways just commenting on your blog. peace out!

  2. i thought i had left a comment on this blog 😦

    I apologise!

    Tis some random pictures there lol, specially the thing in the frying pan, and Erin’s painting is awesome, me likes it!

    Manniquin looks kinda scary, but the place you took the pics looks really nice!

    keep up the blogs lil lady 😀

  3. The mannequin scared me a little! But your blog and pics rock.

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