A serious blog! Okay, not serious, but original. I usually just post other people’s things on my blog because I am not original. I am a psychology major. I feed off of other people’s minds. I intend to get paid for it.
So here is my life at the moment. I am in the finals week of my first semester of college! I’m happy and I can’t wait to not live in a dorm! I took 3 of my exams in one day! That is not cool at all. Whoever did the scheduling needs to work on that. I mean the thing was like if you have any classes after 1:40 then you exam is at this time. I suppose it never occurred to them that you may have more than one class after 1:40! Maybe it did, but they didn’t care. So I end up have 3 exams on one day and no exams on two of the exam days then two more exams on separate days. It’s rather silly to me. The only good part is winter break! No school for like a month and a half. I get to sleep in and do stuff. Well I can predict that I will be ready to return to school by the end of it all.
I enjoy being exclusive to people. Not that everyone wants to be my friend or anything because they don’t. If they did then I suppose I’d have the type of personality that enjoys having more friends. Anyways I’ve got some decent friends. My friend wrote me a letter today and that was über nice of her. My other friend drew me a cool picture of Flapjack, that I will post when my scanner decides to work.
On the sad news spectrum, my snail died. My poor snail Gary! I thought I was taking good care of him. I cleaned his little tank thing and put little food in there. He even had two frog friends (Martyn and Eddie). Alas, R.I.P. Gary, I already miss you. That’s so sad because before I went off to college my turtle, Herbie, died.

Gah, I’m terrible with aquatic pets I suppose.
I have a German Shepherd named Mo. My parents bought him for Valentines Day when I was in the first grade. He just turned 12 on Sunday! (Yeah, his birthday is the day after mine)

There is my dog on this rock around this lake behind where I live. He is quite the curious dog. I can’t wait to see him when I get home! He is old and lazy, but he is still funny and I love him.
Well I have no closure for this blog.


~ by kristinalys on December 7, 2009.

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