Finally Friday

Yay I’m going to New York tomorrow with my family. I’m excited to go somewhere for a change. I’m visiting a prospective college up there so hopefully, it’ll all go well. Also my school is having a dance Saturday night, that I’m actually going to. I know it’s weird. I went to my junior and senior homecoming and prom. So I guess I don’t mind the school dance thing. It’s one where they auction off guys (I’m at an all girls school, remember). I suppose this is causing a lot of buzz around campus. Oh, good news on that too, I get to wear my prom dress again, yay!

I watched two amazing movies in the past week: Trainspotting and Boondock Saints. Yay for people with pirate accents! Trainspotting was like the Scottish version of Requiem for a Dream, but a lot happier. At first I could barely understand them, but after about the first fourth of the movie I felt like a regular Scott. It had a nice plot too. I wont spoil it for you, but the only bad guy is heroin! I think so anyways.

As for the Boondock Saints, my favorite part was…everything Willem DaFoe!!!! He was so funny and surreal in that movie. (I liked how he made fun of gay people, even though he was gay, I found it hilarious). They action and such was fun too! I support Boondock Saints, where do I sign up?

~ by kristinalys on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “Finally Friday”

  1. Glad you liked the movie! as for a regular scot, i think you could pass lol, well, on skype anyway (dave’s face = PRICELESS!), but you’d have to work on the accent 😀

    New york eh? you’ll need to take note of fun things to do there due to the impending scottish invasion i am planning bwa ha ha haa!, as long as there is drinking, pool tables and food…and places that sell gadgets for me cus out of those three things i just eat and play pool lol

    I hope you like the places you are gonna visit and find one that will make you happy! take plenty of pictures lil lady, specially of new york!

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