I’m New :)

Hello there. I’m Kristin. I thought I’d try out this blog thing. Not really for anyone to read it, but for a cool outlet just for me! If you want to read it, then that’s cool too. I guess I’ll just write about my life to start out. Hopefully I’ll find a theme or something.

So I’ll just tell you about the things that I’m into at the moment. I will be including, of course, the internet! I love the game Jelly Battle! Have you ever played it? You should because I bet you cant beat me. I have one more rank to go until I get to the top! I know that sounds really nerdy, but at least I’m not into World of Warcraft. I’m just kidding to all you WoW fans, but I simply just don’t get the obsession. I used to play it actually. Come to think about it, I was a bit addicted to it, but look at me now! I’m a functioning member of society. How nice for us all.

Jelly Battle!

I am a General. I want to be a Field Marshall!

So let’s talk about the music I am currently into. I love indie rock music especially the soft acoustic stuff, like Fleet Foxes, Blind Pilot, and, most recently, Horse Feathers. I’m really into guys with bears for some unknown reason. Actually, I can think of a reason because I’m a psychology major and we learn a lot about these weird theories, but that’ll be for another time. So, anyways if you have a beard, you’re cool with me.

Horse Feathers...well the lead singer

I think he's a cool guy...he has a beard...

The most recent movie I watched was Hard Candy with Ellen Paige. It’s a decent thriller, I thought. If you like movies that make you follow the storyline really intensely, then I recommend this movie to you.

Well that’s all I got for now! See ya!


~ by kristinalys on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’m New :)”

  1. hey ! I play WoW sometimes and im an active member of society lol

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