Your Brown Eyes are my Blue Skies

•October 28, 2010 • 2 Comments

So, how are you? Well, I hope. I am well :)…Okay, let’s  see what’s happening today…I am studying for a quiz in my Native American Experience class. I like that class, it is interesting and fun. My professor puts everything online, so we really don’t do anything in class at all. We do some fun activities, I admit. It’s a night class, which I don’t really mind at all. The best part of that class is that I’m not white. My university is like 98% white (not exaggerating). I feel better that it was not my ancestors that were (and still are) being super-jerks to the Native Americans. I can proudly say that mine were just the ones being exploited by white people! Okay, okay, I am not hating on white people, I know that throughout history at one time or another, every race was enslaved.

The title of my blog is from this song:

It just gets under your skin, doesn’t it? Well it does for me 🙂

I really want to learn more languages….I have English and Spanish….I want to learn German and Anishinaabe. That’d be super cool.

So I read this article on Christine O’Donnell (click here for it). You can read it for yourself, but here is my opinion on it….I think the lady is a twat, but I mean everyone wants to have fun…the article didn’t make her out to seem that horrible….just a bit desperate for love and drunk. So what, she is a bit hypocritical we all are…but anyway, let’s keep her out of office, not for this incident, but rather because she is a twat.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Hey, hey, Norm…you know another guilty pleasure of mine? ASK AMY! So what, I like reading about peoples problems and the common sense answers that go with them. I also enjoy Miss Manners…right now there is a feud going on about silver and flatware. I don’t know, maybe you are into that….I sure am 🙂

That is all. I demand that you have a nice day.

My life as I Know it….

•October 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hello….okay I have been on here in AGES….I mean well…months at least. I still like to come back here and read my old posts though.

Anyways….about my life today. I am in MICHIGAN. Yay, another M state 🙂 It’s gorgeous here….I am on the shore of Lake Superior. There are lots of things I like about this place, while there are a lot of things I do not like. I love the nature, the weather (COLD!), and my school is a cool place. I do not like the social life around here (all everyone does is drink and hang out). I miss the city, it’s and awesome place, I miss my NMD girls 😦 I shall visit them though.

Let’s see what am I into nowadays?

As far as music, I am in love with Pogo….I must attend a Pogo “concert” (I don’t know if you’d call it that). Maybe I’d call it more like  “session”…This is my favorite Pogo song…

He does a lot of other mixes as well. He used samples from Pixar’s Up for this mix…

My favorite right now is Christian Bale…Watch The Machinist and American Psycho for me please 🙂

And Arrested Development!!! OMG I can’t get enough…

I am also obsessed with memes right now….Know Your Meme is what my Youtube is constantlyon right now….

I love memes 🙂

Ok there you have it. My latest favorites and a brief update on my life….what is to come you ask? Some photos of my life and more updates…more funny things as I think of them…and trollin’ the interwebs XD

And It’s One Life and It’s This Life and It’s Beautiful

•March 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

I haven’t blogged in ages so here goes. I’m not feeling very inspired, but of course new, free, legal indie music has inspired me once again.

So my favorite songs at the moment

Hard Believer by First Aid Kit…I first discovered this Swedish duo from an acoustic cover they did in the woods of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes. I mean, how can I not like them? Also, the title of my blog comes from this song. Also the lead singer girl rocks bangs (a fringe) really well.

Let’s see what’s going on in my life? Well, today I went and served a women’s day shelter called My Sister’s Place…I was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of awesome women and serve them dinner 🙂 I love volunteering in my spare time, which is a lot.

Another band that I am in love with is Pomplamoose (grapefruit in French)…They do covers of songs here is an example…

I think they are def one of the cutest bands I know. Yea, it’s Telephone! Personally, I like this version and music video better far better than Lady Gaga’s. I suggest you check out more of their music, not only the covers, but also their original stuff.

OK I might be really late on this, but I just saw The Life Aquatic. It was really good actually and I have fallen in love with Bill Murray completely, although the movie did make me hate Owen Wilson even more. Why can’t he just play a normal character?!?!? I mean even in the Royal Tennabaums, he was a jerk. I know this isn’t even their league, but Wedding Crashers just made me hate Owen Wilson.

Anyways, the best part of The Life Aquatic was Sea Jorge’s covers of David Bowie’s songs adapted in Portuguese!!!!!  Yes, they blew me away.

I had perfect timing in watching The Life Aquatic because we had to watch Groundhog Day in my philosophy class the following day. I think I would have hated it if I hadn’t gained a new respect for Bill Murray. I do the philosophical value in the film now…

I also saw this amazing movie called Gentlemen had a Napolean Dynamite feel as it was directed by Jared Hess, but the plot was wayyyyyy better.

Just Because It’s Real, Doesn’t Mean It’s Going to Work

•March 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

Ok well, John sent me a bunch of cool Scottish things that I never have blogged about. Sorry I’m on and off with this….

It’s a hat! Here is Kristin the Ginger….

Next up A cute Wallace figure! He hangs out with the Chinese New Year baby…

*Drool Face* Yes, it’s Ewan  McGreggor at the crotch of a pair of tartan boxers XD It’s a fabulous idea I know…

OK time for my favorite item..the most epic item

YES!! It’s an Irn Bru mug! I haven’t used it yet…I’m not awesome enough. It sits on top of my shelves and I cant reach it unless I climb on top of my desk, but I enjoy looking at it haha.

and also something very cool to me… a handwritten note from John himself! Thanks sooooo much buddy 🙂

This blog is too epic for me to blog about something else in it…so i will leave you with a song…

You Need Me To Do Better Than You

•February 6, 2010 • 3 Comments

Well nothing exciting has been happening in my life lately, so I think I’ll just do a music blog.

Oh yeah, we are having a blizzard.

That’s the view from my dorm window. It’s still snowing!

To the music!

My favorite song at the moment is Thao’s “Know Better Learn Faster”

Just a cool song about love and how you can never be wise to it. I found that song from Nylon Magazines Free iTunes sampler, which can be found here. It has 27 free songs, all of which were amazing!

The next song, is a dance song! My friend showed it to me as an experiment actually. Turns out I really like it!

That song reminded me of my love for Freezepop. I discovered them from guitar hero and now I have so much of their music. You can never have it all because they have a lot of songs plus a billion remixes to each.

This song, “Souls of Gold” by Sister Crayon is amazing. Her voice is so smooth and you just want to keep listening to it…I also found them on a free iTunes sampler. It is the latest one on the Free iTunes Facebook app. So if you have a Facebook account check it out. Note: I don’t have a Facebook account, I just use Erin’s. Thanks, Erin!

This is one of my favorite bands. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to see a Blind Pilot show and they opened for them. Local Natives, of course! This is their official music video for their song “Airplanes”. I would also like to congratulate them on getting one of their songs, “Sun Hands” for purchase on iTunes! They are making it big. The song “Sun Hands” was featured in the Nylon iTunes sampler as well. Yay!

This next song is super catchy and awesome. The music video is cool too! “You’ve Changed” by Sia She is the lead singer of Zero 7 if you were wondering.

Here is a set of Canadian twins with their single, “All  You Got”. The picture of them for this video is like hilarious.

OK these two are like Teagan and Sara. They are sisters who sing acoustic songs. This one is my favorite/only one I’ve heard. “Cardigan Weather” by Meg and Dia

Alrighty, now it’s time for a classic. Well a cover one a classic. “Old Friends” orginally by Simon and Garfunkel covered by Sara Lov

Speaking of covers of classics, here is a a Bee Gees cover done by Feist! “Inside and Out”

Ok that’s enough!


Lookin’ Like a Fool…

•January 30, 2010 • 1 Comment

With your pants on the ground.

That Zamboni’s coming!

Here is some MRSA….

That is my sister’s leg btw….

Come on up, you can sleep with my eyebrows

•January 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

There was no purpose to that….

So my life at the moment is going well if you were wondering…I’m just going to my classes which just started so I’m just getting an idea of what they are all about too!

A movie I saw recently was Boy-A. It was about a guy who tries to start a new life after the 14-years of prison he was sentenced to because he murdered a little girl as a child. This movie is a thinker, most of the important parts are ambivalent so the viewer can come to his own conclusion. It was quite good and the plot was different, so I enjoyed it.

That’s a bug poster…but I like it the way it is!

Another movie I saw was A Beautiful Mind! It was really good , I thought. I don’t get how he got through college without anyone realizing that he didn’t have a roommate and he thought that he had one. I know, it’s just a movie and some things are left out or added or unexplained for theatrical purposes. Whateves, it was still good.

I have also re-newed my love for Grizzly Bear….

This is for my sister…

•January 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

That’s right! It’s Holiday Pie! We went on a search for this illusive pie only to find out it was out of season at the time….
I discovered a new cool blog and it’s called This Is Why You’re Fat. It has a bunch of other foods that clearly explain why you are fat :)…

We are the inovators, they are the imitators

•January 20, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I love these lyrics because they are so hipster! The song they come from is actually really good. The song is called Wordless Chorus because the chorus has no words :p

I actually discovered this band from an episode of American Dad. The episode was entitled  “My Morning Straitjacket”. You should watch it if you are into indie music….

I’m a Panther…Again!

•January 19, 2010 • 2 Comments

I attended Martin Luther King Jr. Middle school as a girl and guess what our mascot was! It was a black panther….that’s so ironic right! King and the Black Panthers had a totally different strategy going on there, but whoever decided that for our school must have been some weird young person who thought it would be funny…

Anyways Happy Belated birthday King!

Further anyways….I may be a panther again..

As I have been accepted to Adelphi University…their mascot is a panther…Exciting times indeed…

I was very hapy becuase iTunes finally had some good music for the free stuff of the week.

The single was July Flame by Laura Veirs

and the Music Video is Cousins by Vampire Weekend. I was very surprise and pleased to see this…